Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Eritrea: Securing Global Dominance - U.S. Administration's Impractical Dream

Eritrea: Securing Global Dominance - U.S. Administration's Impractical Dream

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Shabait.com (Asmara)

1 September 2007
Posted to the web 3 September 2007


The world is now going through a dangerous and at the same time an eye-opening period under the dominance of the world's super power, the United States.

A handful of capitalists controlling the political and economic resources as well as the military and intelligence organizations of the U.S. are subjecting billions of people to conflict and unrest in an attempt to secure the world's resources for their own use by applying a brutal Machiavellian principle of 'the end justifies the means'.

The world has seen the rise and fall of many kingdoms and empires, which in their heyday seemed incontestable. And the primary cause for the fall of most of the world's renowned empires had been the insatiable greed for expansion and the conceited desire to exploit others' resources. The proverb 'pride comes before failure' was not coined without a reason. Sheer arrogance and a misguided overconfidence in one's knowledge and abilities leads to the development of wrong and destructive frame of mind which then leads to blatant violation of the law. And it is only natural that an approach guided by such a frame of mind would provoke forceful opposition.

After securing independence in the 18th century by waging a revolutionary war, the U.S. was able to rise to the status of today's supreme power because it had for a century and had been engaged in domestic development endeavors and also because it avoided involvement in the various wars that had weakened the European powers. Still, even the abundant wealth they amassed from the rich and vast lands in America, which was not even theirs to begin with, was not enough to quench the greed of U.S. capitalists. Thus, starting from the end of the Cold War, the U.S. capitalists set out to secure indisputable dominance over the world, confident of their advanced warfare technology. However, this impractical 'dream' will eventually lead them to a similar fate as that of the world's fallen empires. Washington's interference in the internal affairs of peoples and countries in different parts of the world resulting in political and economic turmoil, emanates from this dream, and has consequently incited strong and dangerous popular opposition.

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Washington's masterminds who outlined U.S. geo-political strategy for securing complete dominance through power ideology often try to cover up their conspiracies with peacekeeping missions and seek to present their country as the acme of perfection in democracy and respect of human rights. However, the world can be fooled no longer and people have become aware that the U.S. Administration's blind pursuit to secure its own interests above all else is in fact a gross violation of their basic rights as well as international laws and principles.

The U.S. mission of promoting 'democracy and respect of human rights' is merely a cover up for its conspiratorial actions in creating a crisis and then perfecting the art of 'crisis management'. U.S. officials have no other mission but to compromise the sovereignty and national interests of others, instigate religious conflict in the name of religious rights and create divergence and conflict among peoples.

It has been clear for sometime now that the U.S. national security strategy of weakening and intimidating other people to establish dominance is impractical. It has not only failed to subjugate people and secure submission but also backfired on the U.S. itself. There is no force in the world that can defeat the unity of the people, although this fact does not seem to have been taken into account on the part of the U.S. Administration. The current instability in the Horn of Africa created as a result of U.S. interference and the resulting popular opposition is one of the many examples verifying the failure of Washington's misguided geo-political strategy.

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