Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Eritrea: President Isaias Dismisses As Baseless Anti-Eritrea Accusation By U.S. State Department Officials

Shabait.com (Asmara)

31 August 2007
Posted to the web 1 September 2007


President Isaias Afwerki dismissed as baseless anti-Eritrea accusation by U.S. State Department officials, and underscored that it emanates from the failed strategy they pursued in Somalia.

The President made the remarks in an interview with Aljezeera TV yesterday. He pointed out that so-called talks that "Eritrea is supporting the Islamic Courts Union" is astonishing when viewed against claims that "the ICU has been destroyed and wiped out." President Isaias further indicated that the US State Department officials are resorting to such unfounded allegation and defamation in a futile bid to justify the mistakes they had committed.

Pointing out that the situations in Somalia is the outcome of US open invasion and intervention through its mercenary agent, the Ethiopian regime, he underscored that if the desired target is to enable the Somali people reconstitute their country, the UN should play its due role.

As regards the Eritrea-Ethiopia border issue, President Isaias noted that the issue had reached legal conclusion through the Boundary Commission's final and binding ruling in accordance with the Algiers Agreement of 2002. He went on to explain that the implementation of the ruling has been hindered for the past 5 years due to non-compliance of the TPLF regime and those who prop it up.

In reference to the meeting organized by the Boundary Commission that is scheduled to take place in The Hague on September 6, the President stressed that provided the implementation of the ruling is carried out in its legality, there would be no issue for new crisis between the two countries.

On relief aid, President Isaias said that "we will request aid when needed, but we will not accept any party that tries to enforce it on us." He elaborated that Eritrea is currently exerting vigorous efforts to achieve food security.

The President said that for the US to ensure its strategic interests in any part of the globe, it should be through fostering civilized and constructive relations, as well as mutual respect and positive engagement, and not through threat and intimidation. In this regard, he reminded the US to mend its behavior.

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